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Tray Makeover

I wish I had a ‘before’ pic. I had found this tray some time ago at a garage sale. It was brown, and rusted. I knew for $1 I could do something with it!

The first thing I did was wash it really good and dried. I then sanded off the rust the best I could. I then put a sealer on it. I painted it with Rustoleum Apple Green Spray Paint to match one of the chairs in the ‘Patio Set Makeover’. Then came the fun part…..adding the vase fillers I had purchased at the dollar store.

outside-tray-crafts-how-to-outdoor-living (2).jpg

I have used’Goop’ adhesive before on projects and it holds up pretty well outdoors.I kept the tray propped up while I added the gems. I put a dab on each gem then applied to the tray. I had picked out colors that match up with the patio set! I love how it looks now!outside-tray-crafts-how-to-outdoor-living.jpg







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