Home Improvements

Removing Recessed Box

In my kitchen, there was this old recessed lighting that just looked outdated and ugly. I wanted a more modern look.


I know there are lots of homes out there with the same box in their kitchen…how about a update…I started by removing the panels, there were two long fluorescent fixtures. I turned off the power and I removed the fluorescent tube lights. It was pretty easy. I then removed the brown frame. I patched all the holes. Then painted the ceiling white to seal the exposed drywall.

I added a 6 light fixture I saw at Home Depot, and put it up. I also purchased a light fixture for over the sink of the same style. I love it! Looks so clean! This was a wonderful remodeling project.
 removing-recessed-box-fluorescent-lighting-home-maintenance-repairs-how-to-lighting (2).jpg
Not only did I bring it up to date, but my food looks better. Oh those other fluorescent bulbs made my food look orange!



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