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Easy Kitchen Organizing

I have a couple of really great organizing tricks for the kitchen I think you will like…the first is Organizing Your Measuring Cups:

I have lower kitchen cabinet that holds all my mixing bowls. Instead of hunting for the measuring cups every time I need them, I came up with another easy solution.


I took a 10″ 1/2 round molding and affixed it to back of cabinet where I keep my mixing bowls. I used 2 small screws to hold it on. I then added cup hooks. Now I never have to search for them.

Another idea I had a while back ago..I had this plastic file folder that I wasn’t using. I attached it with 3 small screws to the back of one of my lower kitchen cabinets. Works great! Fits 4-5 boxes in it, and I win back a drawer! I should have spray painted it first, but it works!


Pretty cool…if you have some organizing tips….I would love to post them so others could see…thank you for looking!!!


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