Trash to Treasure

UpCycled Glass Door

I purchased this beautiful console that goes perfectly in my family room! One of the doors hardware was fitted terribly. Didn’t match up, couldn’t open, etc. I called the company, instead of sending out different hardware, they sent me another door. Umm…what can I do with this extra door.


Now I don’t throw away good stuff! I find stuff all the time on the curb people have discarded…but that’s another story…I’m getting sidetracked.


I had one of those outdoor end tables. You know the redwood color ones. The outdoor table was the perfect height for my sofa. So the door and myself, and doggies, went to Home Depot. Janet there in the paint department is a genius with color.To me this looks blue….but she and others in the paint department said it was a green…I must be color blind. Anyway I painted the table…..perfect match!


I put some material on top of the table, then put glass door over it. I didn’t put it on permanently. I wanted options for the future. You could put a collage of pictures underneath, so many options.

up-cycled-glass-door-doors-painted-furniture-repurposing-upcycling (5).jpg

I put the glass door on top….


Look how well they match! I can change out the material whenever I want, and totally change the look! Now I know you may not have this extra door. But this just shows you with a little imagination what you can do. So don’t throw out good stuff, you can always upcycle it.


I hope you liked this project! Thank you for looking!!


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