Up Cycled Candelabra

I had found this beautiful candelabra at a thrift store months ago. I was drawn to the beautiful rod ironwork  detail on this piece. There were 5 glass votive that came along withi it ..but it was made to hold 6. I searched everywhere online for another votive .Never found so….I had to think outside the box…so..I purchased some of those dollar store solar lights, and took the stake off them.



I put the top inside each opening of the ‘candelabra’…and its solar so when the sun goes down….it lights up and it looks so pretty at night.


I put one of those changing color round solars in the center…everyone, including me, is sticking solar lights into their outdoor projects. If you look at my ‘Fairy Jar Light’ or ‘Solar Lantern’ those are a couple of ways to use them….there are sooo many! Enjoy!