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Curb Find

I was walking my doggies with some friends and I found these chairs on the side of the road. They had terrible stains, cobwebs, and just yucky. But I saw something different…a perfect up cycle. This is the chairs…


Would you pass them up???? Or let them go into the landfill? They were in good condition…only one had a hole in the leg. Well I knew I could do something with them.


I took a wire brush and some orange cleaner….and scrubbed. Most of it came off. There still was a little bit of stain on the seat. I took Rustoleum 2x Clear Coat and sprayed a light coat over all. This would seal the stain so I can paint over it easily without bleeding through.


Just look at this beauty now! Isn’t it just amazing how you can take something so messed up, and make it pretty……and usable again. I am all about re cycle and believe it is such a waste to throw out stuff.


I have found so many of these on the curb. If I can’t use, I know there are neighbors or friends that would love them!









If you know me, you know that I believe it is such a waste to throw out perfectly (well maybe not so perfect) stuff! Up Cycle it and if you don’t need it…someone else will.


14 thoughts on “Curb Find

  1. I sure am glad there are people out there that re cycle too…such a waste. These chairs are in excellent condition(except the one with a hole in it’s leg)….thank you!


  2. That is so pretty! That color blue is my favorite color. I’m taking some wooden chairs with broken webbing and making a bench. I’ll have to post it when I’m done. The seat part of the bench is an old piano lid that my father-in-law salvaged.

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  3. I would’ve done the same. Like you said, if you can’t use them, someone can. I have a dear friend who has found every piece of outdoor furniture I own. She couldn’t use the pieces but she knew I could. I’ve done the same for her with other pieces. Oh and thanks for the follow.

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    1. You have a wonderful friend! Always great to keep out of the landfills…and who doesn’t like free stuff that you can fix up and make it your own!Thankyou for the follow.


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