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Up Cycled Outdoor Chandelier


This is another original of mine. I finished putting together a pavers patio in the backyard. Then made a Pergola. I wanted a light fixture to go above the table. this is such a easy, inexpensive way to get beautiful nighttime lighting outside. All I needed was:
Wire wreath (craft store)
LED Icicle Christmas Lights
Chain (purchased at home improvement store)
4 smaller hooks (to connect chains to wire wreath)
1 larger hook (to connect to hook on ceiling, and other end of hook to put the 4 strands of chains on.
White Spray paint
Sparkly beads (optional)ย 
I had the guy at the home improvement store cut the chains 14″ long.(You can adjust this to fit the height you want need.) Lengths will be different, it depends on how high your ceiling is where it’s being attached to. I spray painted the wreath, wire chain, hooks… all white.
I then started wrapping the lights on the outside wire first as seen below. All you need to do is start wrapping it around. To get it to stay, I pulled the icicle part down between wire sections.The Chandelier is going to be hung with a bit larger hook. Notice the silver hook above bottom right side. I was connecting to a outdoor extension cord, so I left the length of the chain plus another 6 or 7 inches to reach the extension cord. The pic shows green wire, but I painted it white after pic.
When I as finished with that, I put on the 4 strands of chains and attached to wreath with the hooks. With the remaining length of the lights, I ran them up the length of a chain, then over the hook at top, and back down the other side to another chain. You then take the light strand to the next empty chain and again go up the chain and down again on the last 4th strand. So the light strand would end up on top I went up closest chain to hook and then led it to a extension cord. This is what it looks like going up the chain:
This is how it looks with chains and up top!

I then added some pretty sparkly silver beads. Shine so pretty even during the during the day! There you go….sounds complicated…but it isn’t, really!!!! I love how this looks in my pergola!



So fun and easy to make….hope you try…it looks so good outside…beautiful at night!!! this little guy (hummingbird) sits atop the chandelier all day swinging in the breeze!

hummer on chandelier.jpg

I hope I inspired you to make this for your home! Thank you for looking!



105 thoughts on “Up Cycled Outdoor Chandelier

  1. The chandelier is very pretty, I especially love it when lit at night. I’m impressed the the pergola you built as well. I’ll have to read back to find that post.

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    1. OMGoodness Roxie!!!! Get a big/little wire wreath. Smaller ones are at dollar stores. The bigger are at Walmart. And a pkg of icicle lights….that’s it! Forgot the chain…figure out how much you want it to hang down, then ask the guy at a home improvement store to cut you 4 pieces of the chain. You pick out the chain you want, he will cut right there for you…inexpensive. Come on girl…you can do!!

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  2. perhaps you can construct one made from metal, and have like 3 little heaters attached, each pointing in a different direction, that could help you inside…warm you up all toasty!


  3. So clever you are, Kelley ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun to share this link on my blog’s fb page!
    It got me thinking how some fibrously crafty people actually work a string
    of mini-lights into their especially festive knit/crochet cowlsโ€”figuring it
    might also work for this chandelier ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ’œ Jackie@KWH

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    1. Lindsey, I have this chandelier up in my pergola all year long. I get so many compliments when it’s lit… pretty. I put the sparkly beads on to make it sparkle in the daytime.


  4. Hi Kelley, I’m not sure if you participate in this sort of thing, but I have nominated you and your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. Your nomination will appear in my post on Friday. You are very creative and do amazing things with whatever materials you have. I’m quite impressed with your ability to up cycle.

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    1. It is soooo easy. All you do is flip it over the wire. It will fall naturally. Be sure to start with the beginning of the lights, on the wire circle. I got this one at Walmart. The ones at the dollar store are very small. They even have huge ones at Michaels. It is so pretty at night. And during the day, it sparkles because I hung some strands of beads on them…you’ll love it! Send me a pic when your finished…love to see.

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