Monogram Succulent

I’m a big BHG Fan. I am getting ready to paint my front door. I was looking at color ideas, and saw something like this on their site by a front door. I loved the idea. Now if your not familiar with my DIY creations…..I try to use what I have at home already. So you will never guess what I used to create the ‘K’…..paint sticks!succulent-monogram-crafts-flowers-gardening-3

For this project, you will need paint sticks (the longer ones, free at home improvement store), paint, succulents, and sphagnum moss, and wood glue, hot glue, saw, and stapler. I purchased the moss and succulents at the dollar store!
The tricky part is figuring out your monogram. I used wood glue to attach the three sticks for the first part of my ‘K’

succulent-monogram-crafts-flowers-gardening (1).jpg

I just played around with it for a while. I tried looking at it like a puzzle. When I figured it all out, I began making the miter cuts.


When I finished the monogram, I spray painted the inside a dark brown. (Just in case you could see through the sphagnum moss. When the inside was dry, I turned it over and sprayed it with Rustoleum Metallic Gold.


That’s it. I made a hanger on the back with thick wire, stapled it on. I am putting this next to my front door… these added DIY touches to my home.


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