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Laundry Room Sign

This is such a easy little project that looks so nice when finished…

Laundry Sign.JPG

This was such a fun Project to do….and it’s so easy! For this project you will need:
7 Cardboard shoe box tops
7 Scrapbook pages
8 Letters
Hot Glue
I collected the tops of shoe boxes,and I collected some from friends. I started by painting the letters. You can use craft paint or spray paint, whichever you prefer. I then selected my scrapbook pages. They actually fit the lengths shoe box tops so you only need one page for each. Isn’t that sweet
I put the scrapbook page onto the shoe box top. I just folded under and glued. I then just glued the letters on at different positions on the shoe tops. These are so light when done. No big nail holes in your walls.

Kids would have fun helping…actually you can take this idea anywhere in your home…


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