Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure Lounge Chairs

I found these 2 lounge chairs at a garage sale….for free! They were filthy, but worked perfectly. And if you know me….I don’t pass up a great find like this.


(Pretty yucky huh?) Would you take these home? I find the most interesting things sometimes while walking my doggies.

I cleaned them up the best I could, but they still looked shabby. After I cleaned them and they dried completely, I used a clear coat by Rustoleum made for plastic. I sprayed on only one coat on each. When that dried I sprayed them with a can of Rustoleum Spray paint, made to paint plastic….that’s important!
I used 2 1/2 cans of the spray paint all together, not counting clear coat…

Look at them now…aren’t they awesome!!!!

finished lounge chair.JPG

I then came up with a great idea for that pot you see between the chairs…you can see at:   It was truly a original wonderful idea.



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    1. Thank you…last night I found 4 Resin chairs on the curb while with a friend walking the doggies…they are in perfect condition…except for all the stains, cobwebs and crud. It just doesn’t make sense to throw out…just up cycle!!!

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