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Paint Storage Using Paint Sticks

I really needed storage for all my small bottles of craft paint….the shoebox I had them in wasn’t really working. Having to sift thru it looking for a color.When I was working on the monogram succulent with the paint sticks, I happened to try a paint bottle in the opening and it fit nice and snug.


This is all that  I did. I used 3 of the thicker, longer paint sticks for this project. I cut the 3 sticks the same size. I used wood glue to glue the pieces together. I waited till the next day, then used a stapler to insure the sides would stay put. I sanded them really good, just to get them smooth.


I then added 2 coats of chalk paint in a gloss color, lightly sanding in between. I then screwed them into a stud. I ended up making two more shelves…..painted them white.


Now I have lots of ‘free’storage…….now I have to fill it up!! This is such a easy project to do….and it’s free!!! Sometimes I surprise myself with these ideas!



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