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Mariahs Butterfly Mobile

My young friend has been spending a lot of time with me during her summer break making crafts. She loves crafting as much as I, well almost. We picked out bright papers at Michaels to go with her bedroom colors. She saw the mobile I made from Baby Shower papers and fell in love with my idea.
For this project you need a butterfly punch (mine is Martha Stewarts) , illusion cord, 2 embroidery hoops (larger and smaller) paper or scrapbook paper, pkg. of assorted mirrors, 3 different ribbons and a thinner ribbon for hanging. You will only use one of each embroidery hoops. Mariahs’ sister is going to make herself one with the other 2 hoops.
mariahs-butterfly-mobile-crafts-how-to (1).jpg
We cut the 3 ribbons 4″. I learned, but after doing it of course, that it’s easier to put the strands of butterflies on before tying on the ribbons. I cut 4 lengths of the thinner pink and white polka dot ribbons to 2′. You have to judge how long you want your mobile, and how high your ceiling is. Tie them onto the first larger hoop. Then cut 3 of the same thinner ribbon into 8″ lengths. these will tie onto larger hoop to smaller hoop with about a 4″ drop. This will create the two different levels
After cutting out dozens of butterflies with 4 different scrapbook pages, it was time to put them on. I then took the illusion cord and put a large clip on the end to keep strand in place. Mariah took one butterfly, and put the illusion cord on, then a drop of hot glue, then another butterfly on top
 When our first strand was done, we tied it onto the hoop. For the larger hoop we put about 12 sets of butterflies and one set of mirrors on the end to keep the strand taut. The smaller hoop we put 8 sets of butterflies and one set of mirrors.
After we tied them all on….we were done. Mariahs’ mobile looks beautiful!

Materials I used for this project:

  • 3 Different 5/8″ Ribbons  (Michaels)
  • (1) 1/2″ Ribbon for Hanging  (Michaels)
  • Illusion Cord .12in  (Michaels)
  • 2 Different Size Embroidery Hoops  (Michaels)
  • Assorted Round Mirrors  (Michaels)
  • Scrapbook Paper  (Michaels)


The butterfly punch I purchased for this project can be found here…


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    1. Thank you so much! We had fun making it! It matches the colors of her room. The first time I came up with this idea, I made the butterflies from a baby showers paper and ribbons…darling momento.

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