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Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

I myself have a lot of allergies. Unfortunately, one of the allergies I have is that I’m allergic to fragrance. They don’t sell the Downy Free and Clear in sheets, as yet. I saw this post in Pinterest…and thought what a wonderful solution to my forgetfulness when I forget to add in the rinse cycle. Instead of redoing the rinse cycle….I just throw in one of these in the dryer.


I purchased a couple of sponges, the kind without the scrubbing side, at the dollar store. I cut them in half. I used 1 part downy (or your own brand) to 2 parts water. I put the mixture in one of those dollar store containers, and stirred, then put the sponges in, and put on the top. Now, when I need a ‘sheet’ for the dryer, I squeezed some of the excess out one of the sponges (back into container), and throw into dryer. When clothes are dry, I remove the sponge and put back into the container where it soaks up the softener/water mixture.


Not only does this work really well… is also less expensive, so you save money on softener. I did find that if your doing a load of towels, throw in 2 sponges. Great Idea!

thank you for looking!


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