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Fish Weighted Tablecloth Clips

I’ve been working on this set of Tablecloth clips. These are so wonderful keeping your tablecloth from flying up everywhere, and they are cute! All those outings, picnics, parties, and home entertaining. This tablecloth inspired me. I am making the fish, sea turtle, sea horse, and octopus as a set!

DSCN1751 (2).JPG

I had this outdoor fabric I was saving for another project . You only needed a little piece of fabric. I drew the fish on a piece of paper. Then I pinned it to a piece of fabric that has been doubled over so you make 2 pieces. After the fish was cut out it looked like this:


With my sewing machine, I sewed all around the edge of the fish leaving a opening at the top for the clip and stuffing. Leave a big enough space so you can get that tiny tail through. See above, the space between the red and black pins…that’s about the size you need to leave.

After sewing, I turned it inside out, and I stuffed it. I had some shells that I put inside. You can use small pebbles, anything small and heavy. The purpose of filling the fish is to add weight, so don’t fill with rice or things that are light. Also not to big of things, It will make his belly look funny.


After I put the shells in, I put the clip in, then hand stitched it closed. these are the clips I used these I found at Walmart…


This is also the glue I used, sequins, and shells. The bag that says ‘sand’ is really shells…don’t know why they call it sand.I picked these up also at Walmart.Then I added these sequins. I found these at the dollar store!!! I knew they would come in handy.

DSCN1753 (3).JPG

Isn’t this just sooooo adorable!!! I love this little guy!

Thank you so much for looking at my little fish! It is a fantastic solution for fly away tablecloth



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