Home Decor

Add Light n’ Sparkle to Dresser

I have been redecorating my room…it started a few months ago….then life happened and I had to take a break.

I have the most awesome idea for you if you want to add sparkle to your dresser. I was going to put a runner on the top, but couldn’t find one that I liked.

I was at Walmart and saw a inexpensive beveled door mirror without the frame for just Under 12.00 at Walmart. You know how you see something, and a light goes on in your brain and you come up with a wonderful idea…..I just love those moments! I usually get them in the middle of the night.


The Sliding window is on the other side of the room. With the mirror on the dresser like a runner…..It adds light and sparkle to your dresser and room!

What a great idea! I love it…I have since changed out the decor…but the mirror is  a keeper!! I love sparkle!!!



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