Garden Stakes

Mason Jars, I believe all us DIYers love them! But I have a idea for a cool garden stake using the lids from the mason jars.


I started by painting them with Rustoleum Spray Paint. It is wonderful spray paint that is great for outdoor weather conditions. When dry, cut out your label…you can use one of these..just cut out….


Then with mod podge…put generously on the inside of lid. Then add your label. When it’s  dry, mod podge on top of the label and let dry..


I had these green little stakes you use for plants. You could use skewers or any other stick, just be sure you spray with the a outdoor protective coating. I use Rustoleum 2x Clear Matte Coat. It’s a sealer, protect ant and is made for the outdoors. I took some ‘Goop’ adhesive, you can use any glue, as long as it is for the outdoors. Do not use hot glue…it will melt in the heat. I put a dab on the other side of the lid…


and there you have it…wait till it’s completely dry…


Thank you for looking!



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