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Candle Holder Makeover

I have this candle holder piece that has the same pattern as my headboard, in the same bronze color. I had it over the bed, and it looked great. But then I changed my whole bedroom scheme, I had to rethink it.  I started by painting it a soft white color using Rustoleum.


As you can see, I painted it off white….then I thought…I would add some bling..This package came with 8 rows…..so I cut in half using only 4 rows width. I had some thin elastic thread. As I added the rows of bling, I secured the beginning and end section of the bling with hot glue . I then wrapped the elastic thread around the bling to hold in place. This was great. I didn’t have to hot glue the whole thing.


I added a string of beads with sparkle and 3 crystals hanging from each candle holder.

candle-holder-makeover-crafts-wall-decor (3).jpg

I’m missing one of the glass cones that you put flowers in. One had broke so I am looking for another vessel to use, so in the meantime, I’m using these glasses. The flowers give the piece some color. It came out too formal. I was even thinking of using a couple of mason jars. I then did some distressing in the rows that have no bling, to give it that shabby chic look.candle-holder-makeover-crafts-wall-decor.jpg

This makeover shows how you too can take something so plain, and glam it up!!!!


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