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TP Birds in Branches

Don’t throw out those toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls! There are so many creative projects you can do with them! I have been trying to figure out what to put atop a large closet.  It’s a textured wall, so options were limited. My inspiration came from this runner on my dining room table, and lots of empty toilet paper rolls people have been saving for me!


All you need for this project is some toilet paper rolls, 3 paper towel rolls, white glue and paint if you want. I flattened the toilet paper and paper rolls first. It’s easier to cut them this way, and you can be more consistent. For the branches I used the paper towel roll because they are longer. I cut down the center of the roll. Then cut 1/4″ strips for the branches. To make the birds, I did the same with a couple toilet paper rolls.

tp rolls


I then drew a pic of a bird, then I traced it on the paper towel roll. The paper towel roll is wider than toilet paper. After I made the bird shape, I added more to where the wing would be, to make it a little dimensional.

birds-in-branches-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (1)

To make the leaves, you use some toilet paper rolls. Flatten a bit and make small cuts, forming the leaves. Glue leaves together with white glue, then use a paperclip or clothespins to hold till dry. Hang with tiny clear push pins, double sided tape, or glue on white paper or on rustic wood pieces.

DSCN0793 (2)

What’s so nice about this is…’s free. Except for the white glue and paint I already had. To make the bird more 3D, I added a layer of same paper towel roll to wings.

birds-in-branches-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (2)


Isn’t this a great way to use up those toilet paper and paper towel rolls!!! Start Saving


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