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Watermelon Pot

I know summer is over, but here is a cute project to do….and I’m getting excited to create something different. This is what I started out with…a little terra cotta pot.



I used Rust oleum Clear Coat to seal the pot. It had never been used. Tip: If it’s used, you need to clean with bleach and water, rinse, and let sit in the sun to completely dry through the pot.
When it was dry with the Clear Coat, I sprayed with White. This was just to make the color I was using pop!


After that I covered the rim and painted the rest red…..after the red dried, I painted the rim green with acrylic paint.


I then took a black permanent marker and made little seeds. When it was dry, I painted lightly over the seeds with red acrylic paint. I know, your thinking I’m going in circles…could be….I create as I go. I just wanted to give it more depth and ” looks like there are seeds just under where we can barely see it”. Like shadows.


I painted the inside red as seen above, Gave it a coat of Clear Coat Spray. I cut a styrofoam ball in half and glued it inside the pot.


I’ve had this red n white checkerboard pattern, it looks like summer picnics and barbecues……and I love daisies!


Thank you for visiting my project!!!



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