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Bud Vase

My mom gave me this bud vase over 30 years ago. I just realized that…long time! Anyway, I wanted to add some color to it. I had purchased these assorted size ‘ spouncers ‘
A while back ago and hadn’t used them yet.


These are the spouncers. I purchased these at Wamart for under $5. I love these things!


I picked out my colors…


Tip: Put your vase upside down when doing this. Since you don’t go up the whole vase, it’s easier this way.
I put some of the colors on a dish. I used the smallest spouncer for this project. I started with the turquoise. I dipped the spouncer in the color and dabbed on the vase


I went all around the vase with the turquoise. Each time….I dabbed in paint then on vase. When I was finished with the turquoise, I kept on going until I had used all the 5 colors. Do you see below how you can see through them?

Another Tip: any little mistakes can be cleaned easily with alcohol and a QTip

bud-vase-crafts-flowers (3).jpg

If you leave it like this, just one coat, it is really nice! You can see a bit through them. I decided I wanted to try it with second coat. I only had 3 of those little spouncers, so there was a lot of running back and forth cleaning, drying them. I have no orange in this house, but I wanted a pop of color.


I baked it upside down on a cookie sheet at 350degrees for 20 minutes…let cool, that’s it….What do you think of it?


As I was doing this little project….I was thinking…wouldn’t this be cute in big circles on the washer and dryer!

Thank you for looking! Come back soon!




108 thoughts on “Bud Vase

    1. Ohh Julia, they were the expensive ones..heehee…regular .50 cent acrylics from Walmart! Amazing isn’t it! Whenever you use markers or paints on dishes, glasses etc. Put it in the oven for a half hour and it bakes it on, so you can wash them by hand with soap and water. Inexpensive craft!


      1. That one went over your head! Or maybe I said it wrong….you said once I incorporate my feet….I said I’m not walking there! I meant walking to Florida from CA !! It was a joke!!!!

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      2. It is from the “stuff” we’ve been talking about, but it’s still a wonderful dream because flowing water in a dream is always good, and “big water” is even better, and sailing on it is altogether great! I am glad I was there, too!
        Next time, though, before you tell your dream, look out the window, just in case!

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      3. Thank you so much! I downloaded the extension but it doesn’t open. I think the reason I can’t see them is that I have Windows7 on my laptop, and it requires a more advanced version to open. I’ll ask my husband tonight.

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      4. I’m so excited! I am so happy I have kept up with this house. I have/had over 21 bins full of Christmas Decorations. I was able to empty 8 of them. All the lit up snowmen, reindeers, polar bears, etc. I put a ad in: Christmas in July Curb Alert! It was all gone within the hour! Yay!

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      5. That’s what he said! I remember once we were all catching sand sharks…dad kept throwing them back…another man on another boat yelled out to him ‘why he’s throwing them back’ I don’t think he thought they were edible.

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      6. Nope, I don’t see any commercials because we don’t watch TV. Meaning, we don’t even have one. Whatever we want to watch, I pull it up on my laptop which is then connected to a screen by a cable, and no commercials!

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      7. I added another entry option for those who don’t have twitter…..check it out! It’s easy…just name your favorite diy I’ve done…now you can enter everyday.


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