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Starfish Wreath


A friend was over today, I suddenly had a idea what to do with a green wreath I had. I held the wreath and the burlap in my hand and said “I have a idea for these”! Instantly she said ‘I want it”. I hadn’t even started with it…oh well.


Here is what I used….


Plus the shells and turtle. I started wrapping the rolled burlap around the wreath.


I wrapped it all around to hide the wreath. Oh, and I used my glue gun at the beginning and at the end. It was nice using my glue gun again. So fast. Anyway, after it was wrapped all around I sprayed it with this to keep the wreath unraveling…really it helps!


I then started doing the same with the net like burlap wrapping it all around.


I knew I wanted a starfish in the corner, so that is where I started. I just added the starfish, then the shells. It needed something, and I remember Arlene saying she wanted it for her beach themed bathroom. So, I had been making the turtles for another project and thought it would be perfect for her. I made it out of material. I then sprayed it with the clear sealer so it would be a little stiff.
I then added the netting I had used to wrap around the wreath. I took a piece and started in in the front of the Starfish went up and wrapped around top to back of wreath, and then down. I also added the small rope to use for hanging. I hot glued the rope on, then stapled.
I added shells and that’s it. I’m sorry I don’t have any pics to show you…she’s coming back later to pick up. Lol.
If you have any questions at all, just ask and I will respond quickly…thank you!



47 thoughts on “Starfish Wreath

    1. Ohhhhhhhh…you are sooooo lucky!!!! I love the beach. Where I live I have the sand…but it’s desert sand. I made so many beach and seashell crafts. Check them out in the ‘Garden’ and ‘Crafts’. I love beach crafts also!!


      1. I did. I love them all. Need to carve out more crafting time for myself. My collections of beach finds sit lonely and wanton in pails and containers….sigh!

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      2. Get them out of the containers…or put them in pretty bottles, and Mason Jars!Make a Seashell outdoor table as I did…it holds all your favorite shells and you can view them!


      3. Living right on the coast, weather changes minute by minute. It’s like a box of chocolates…..LOL

        Desert weather is the same! I lived in the Sahara for a couple of years. I get it.

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      4. Oh, your poor hair! I agree with you though….gorgeous views are worth a little frizzes!! I watch Fixer Upper almost daily while on the computer.They did a few segments on Galveston. I have to get out there this summer!

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