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Sea Shell Centerpiece

It’s almost Summer…vacations to the shore…collecting seashells and memories. This centerpiece would be perfect for a beach wedding also.dscn1869-2

I have this round bowl that I use during the holidays filled with snow, balls and pretty lights. Well, I just made it a summer centerpiece. Come Christmas, I will need another bowl. You can purchase at craft stores, but unless you have a coupon, they get pretty expensive. I purchased mine at a local Walmart superstore. I painted some shells with Rustoleum God Metallic spray …what do you think? Do you like the gold shells?

They look so pretty! And while I was there I saw this place mat….This whole project began when I saw this beautiful place mat! I thought it was so interesting…reminded me of a big shell. Isn’t it pretty! They only sell them in the store…not online. They are called: Mainstays Blossom Pressed Vinyl Place mat, Gold.


So with the bowl and the place mat I had the beginnings of a pretty project.
The place mat was round, so I began by cutting slits into the place mat so I could manipulate it around the round bowl. I taped it around the back of the bowl, I added a bit of hot glue to keep in place.



Excuse the blue paint on the place mat,I tested it first to see what it would look like.
After I was finished preparing it for painting, I took it outside to paint!


I used Rustoleum Metallic Gold. Love this color…so pretty!


I removed the mat, tape, glue.


It came out pretty nice. Very different. I started with putting some Hemp Rope around the edge. I decided to do 2 rows. I have never used rope before. I used ‘Goop’ multipurpose glue. You can use just about any kind of silicone glue, liquid glue, even hot glue if kept inside. Just make sure it dries clear.


I haven’t ever applied rope to a project, so this was my first. I noticed the ends were raveled. I took some of the glue and twisted the ends of the rope with it. It worked. Learn something new everyday!

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (5).jpg

I put the rope around the bowl…2 rows. Now a little tip…some of you might already know. I have a spray bottle of alcohol kept in my craft room. Perfect for removing any hot glue messes from the glass….perfect.

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (6).jpg

Then it was time to add the sand, shells, pearls, and gold beads.


I had washed the shells really well. If you purchase them, most likely they will have already been washed and sealed. I used Rustoleum Clear coat to spray the shells to bring them back to their color. So pretty, I love the large white one in the back. I added the sand, higher in back. I then arranged the shells. When I was happy with the arrangement, I added gold beads and some shells from a bracelet I had purchased a long time ago


I didn’t have a short led candle, so I put a real candle in the center until I find a candle on a timer. You could also use fairy lights. But I would prefer a timer led candle…no cords and you don’t have to fool with it.

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (8).jpg

I think this looks so pretty. I love how it turned out. The background of the bowl (from the place mat) makes it look so much more beachy!


10 thoughts on “Sea Shell Centerpiece

  1. The mat itself is gorgeous, but your centerpiece is simply stunning! I can just imagine the candle flame among the shells flickering through the gold spots on the bowl – wow!
    I had something similar years ago in the bathroom, when I had a wide counter. I bought a handful of little artisan soaps in pastel colors shaped like sea shells and smelling like flowers, so I mixed them with real seashells in a clear glass bowl. There are so many things you can do with sea shells.

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      1. Same to you, dear Linda, but due to technical difficulties, my sailing Mother’s Day has been postponed till next Sunday. I am still happily celebrating, but on land and in the kitchen.


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