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Sea Shell Centerpiece

It’s almost Summer…vacations to the shore…collecting seashells and memories. This centerpiece would be perfect for a beach wedding also.dscn1869-2

I have this round bowl that I use during the holidays filled with snow, balls and pretty lights. Well, I just made it a summer centerpiece. Come Christmas, I will need another bowl. You can purchase at craft stores, but unless you have a coupon, they get pretty expensive. I purchased mine at a local Walmart superstore. I painted some shells with Rustoleum God Metallic spray …what do you think? Do you like the gold shells?

They look so pretty! And while I was there I saw this place mat….This whole project began when I saw this beautiful place mat! I thought it was so interesting…reminded me of a big shell. Isn’t it pretty! They only sell them in the store…not online. They are called: Mainstays Blossom Pressed Vinyl Place mat, Gold.


So with the bowl and the place mat I had the beginnings of a pretty project.
The place mat was round, so I began by cutting slits into the place mat so I could manipulate it around the round bowl. I taped it around the back of the bowl, I added a bit of hot glue to keep in place.



Excuse the blue paint on the place mat,I tested it first to see what it would look like.
After I was finished preparing it for painting, I took it outside to paint!


I used Rustoleum Metallic Gold. Love this color…so pretty!


I removed the mat, tape, glue.


It came out pretty nice. Very different. I started with putting some Hemp Rope around the edge. I decided to do 2 rows. I have never used rope before. I used ‘Goop’ multipurpose glue. You can use just about any kind of silicone glue, liquid glue, even hot glue if kept inside. Just make sure it dries clear.


I haven’t ever applied rope to a project, so this was my first. I noticed the ends were raveled. I took some of the glue and twisted the ends of the rope with it. It worked. Learn something new everyday!

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (5).jpg

I put the rope around the bowl…2 rows. Now a little tip…some of you might already know. I have a spray bottle of alcohol kept in my craft room. Perfect for removing any hot glue messes from the glass….perfect.

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (6).jpg

Then it was time to add the sand, shells, pearls, and gold beads.


I had washed the shells really well. If you purchase them, most likely they will have already been washed and sealed. I used Rustoleum Clear coat to spray the shells to bring them back to their color. So pretty, I love the large white one in the back. I added the sand, higher in back. I then arranged the shells. When I was happy with the arrangement, I added gold beads and some shells from a bracelet I had purchased a long time ago


I didn’t have a short led candle, so I put a real candle in the center until I find a candle on a timer. You could also use fairy lights. But I would prefer a timer led candle…no cords and you don’t have to fool with it.

sea-shell-centerpiece-crafts (8).jpg

I think this looks so pretty. I love how it turned out. The background of the bowl (from the place mat) makes it look so much more beachy!



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