Memories in a Bottle

When my sons were young, we spent a lot of summer vacations at the beach. They collected a lot of shells! I kept them all these years.

Aviary Photo_131122247899868690.png

I started by gathering all the items I would need for the project. You’ll need: Clean clear wine bottle, Sand, Shells, Photo, String, Funnel and a Cork….


I used a funnel to transfer the sand into the bottle. ( The sand I actually had my son bring me some from the same beach)


I added the shells. The hole is small, so it worked out perfect. My sons always seemed to find those small shells.


I didn’t want that panoramic view, so I cut the sides of picture just to see in back of bottle. Then you gently roll your photo, printed side in. I used a skewer to poke it down and position it.


Next, I took some string and wrapped it around the top.On the bottle to the left, I took a piece of string and a larger shell, glue both ends to inside the shell. It forms a hoop, to hang on bottle. Pic on right, I just left a long piece of string dangle after wrapping around the top. I hot glued larger shells along the string.

Aviary Photo_131122248231030513.png

What is so special about this is the pic of the kids at the beach, searching for shells! Perfect keepsake for memories. You can create your own memories…


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