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Independence Day

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Independence Day is arriving soon! Over the past few days, I have been putting together a couple of centerpieces, Firecracker Centerpiece on the left of the picture, and the Flower Centerpiece on the right. I also made 2 candle holders from wood posts, and a pinwheel garland…lots of fun and easy for you to also create! Almost everything was recycled items.

Let’s start with the firecrackers in the pinwheel centerpiece above on the left side . It is decorated with firecrackers, pinwheels a huge rocket getting ready to take off and 3 solar lights to keep it lit up at night. For the firecrackers, here’s what I did… for the 3 smaller firecrackers in front, I used 4 Toilet paper rolls. Three of them were used for the firecrackers and 1 to cut lengthwise and use to trace the circles for the tops. I put a hole in each circle and pulled the rope thru.


I took 3 coordinating papers and cut and glued them onto the 3 TP rolls. I then made the pinwheels that are in the Firecracker Centerpiece.

Pinwheels for the Firecracker Centerpiece were made this way:


The first thing I did was take each scrapbook paper and cut 5″ squares. After your squares are cut, glue two coordinating colors together back to back with white glue.




After your squares are cut, glue two coordinating colors together back to back with white glue.When your squares have dried, take one and your ruler, and draw a line diagonally corner to corner

Now..take your ruler and on the line, measure from outside to inside 3 inches. Make a small line as shown below


.This will create a X


When you are finished with each one, add a button or whatever you want.


Now take your skewers, even popsicle sticks, and paint 2 red and 2 white


When they were dry, I hot glued the pinwheel to the skewer
Pinwheels aren’t just for holidays….they are so fun to make for parties.


So there you have it! The first project. Most of the supplies, you already have.

Materials I used for this project:

  • 4 Scrapbook pages of coordinating colors  (Had on hand)
  • Aleenes Tacky Glue
  • 4 Buttons
  • 4 Skewer Sticks
  • Scissors, Ruler, white and hot glue

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