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Coffee Sign

Hi! I finally finished this project…it was like a puzzle, with small pieces. So here it is…I hope you like it ! I made it with black and white beans! You don’t necessarily have to put the beans on a piece of wood. You can make a smaller project using a picture frame, and make your design on the glass…then hang!

Aviary Photo_131122389726026515.png

It all started when I found this piece of wood. It was left over from another project. Perfect size for my idea! 9″x 24″.


I started by drawing , with a ruler, a picture of a stove top espresso maker on copy paper. When I had it all drawn out, I made the cup of coffee, I used a candle holder to draw the cup.


When I drew both I cut them both out and traced along the edges.


I started gluing the beans on. Now this is a very time consuming step, so turn on a movie and enjoy while making. I made the cup and the espresso maker both white.


After I was done I started thinking about where to put what. I decided to put ‘Brewed Fresh’ up on top. Then I just put the names of my faves


I had written the words, then traced over them with the glue. As you can tell below, the beans had a mind of there own.


Then it was time to fill in with black beans. With a small brush, I painted around everything with black paint.
This is going in my kitchen above the coffee zone!


there are so many varieties and colors of beans….let your imagination flow….enjoy!!!



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