Trash to Treasure

Upcycled Fountain

A friend and I were walking the doggies when I came across this broken fountain on the curb.Knowing I could use it some way, I took it home. It’s resin so it wasn’t heavy at all. In the morning I checked it out more thoroughly. The pump didn’t work, the wires were cut, and top piece of fountain was broken. This is what it looked like:

DSCN0992 (3).JPG

I live in the desert and I have lots of succulents in and out of the house. I purchase the succulents when they are very small in the tiny containers. Like 2″ pots. The price for succulents this size isn’t so high, and I know they will grow.  I purchased this soil knowing I was going to transplant some of my plants.


After I cleaned up the fountain, I put some small rocks into the bottom of the fountain for drainage.

DSCN0994 (2).JPG

I mixed up the soil with some water in my wheelbarrow. I then added the succulents. Then I added some color and sparkle with the gems.


I think it came out nice…As they grow too big for the fountain…I will move to a bigger space. I didn’t cut the pipe in the center that was on the fountain originally. It’s kind of off centered in the bowl….I was thinking of putting my butterfly dish on top, but it broke while I was trying to affix it on the pipe…ugh!

DSCN1006 (2).JPG

Aviary Photo_131122225424001808.png

I love where I put it. There is a Iceberg rose in back of the fountain. It just had dozens of fragrant blooms…yummy!



Crafts · Fun & Easy DIY

Watermelon Pot

I know summer is over, but here is a cute project to do….and I’m getting excited to create something different. This is what I started out with…a little terra cotta pot.



I used Rust oleum Clear Coat to seal the pot. It had never been used. Tip: If it’s used, you need to clean with bleach and water, rinse, and let sit in the sun to completely dry through the pot.
When it was dry with the Clear Coat, I sprayed with White. This was just to make the color I was using pop!


After that I covered the rim and painted the rest red…..after the red dried, I painted the rim green with acrylic paint.


I then took a black permanent marker and made little seeds. When it was dry, I painted lightly over the seeds with red acrylic paint. I know, your thinking I’m going in circles…could be….I create as I go. I just wanted to give it more depth and ” looks like there are seeds just under where we can barely see it”. Like shadows.


I painted the inside red as seen above, Gave it a coat of Clear Coat Spray. I cut a styrofoam ball in half and glued it inside the pot.


I’ve had this red n white checkerboard pattern, it looks like summer picnics and barbecues……and I love daisies!


Thank you for visiting my project!!!


Crafts · wreaths

Straw Heart

I wanted to make a special gift for my best friend. Her favorite color is turquoise…’s easy to make even for kids!


I had a 12″ straw heart that I had purchased from a craft store. The only other items you will need is a box of pins, and 1/3 yard of material, pinking shears, ruler. Be sure the material is a small pattern, and you can see the pattern a little on the back. You don’t want the back to be white. If you don’t want to use pins…especially with children…you can puch them down with a flat head screwdriver or a pencil.
straw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths (1).jpg
 Pinking shears work great for this project because it keeps the cut ends from raveling. Lots of pins! the first thing you do is lay out your material. Fold your material in half, good side facing each other. Then you want to make 2″ squares with a pencil.
Then you get to cut them all out! It goes pretty quickly. You end up with loads of squares! You can start anywhere on the heart. There are no right or wrong ways. Now you are going to start adding the squares you cut. This is the time consuming part. Easy…but something you can do watching a movie.
You start by taking one of the squares, and push a pin through the front side in the center of the square. You then push the pin into the heart. When you add the next square leave just a little space between. Don’t bunch them too tight or you will run out of material and it won’t look as nice when your done. It doesn’t look that great when you startstraw-heart-crafts-valentines-day-ideas-wreaths-4

But it fluffs up and looks better as you go. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep adding to the front and sides.


It’s getting there…..You can add a flower, bow, or anything you want. Another idea popped just in my head, , this is pretty awesome…I love it…. I added 2 lines of a contrasting color to the sides….love it!


This is such a easy project….and it looks so pretty….isn’t this a wonderful gift!

Holidays · Patriotic

Patriotic Candle Holders


I had some 4×4 post pieces left over from building the pergola. I cut 2 to the size I wanted. I then took Rustoleum White Blossom and sprayed the whole post. Tip: I always spray white first so the colors that I paint on top will pop!


I made stripes with Frogtape 1 7/8″ where I wanted to paint the red stripes.


I removed the tape. Then painted the top blue.


Ahhh….the final reveal…


I think it came out great…Then I added Stars to 2 sides on blue…end result…


These are the colors I used:


Thank you for looking!!!



Fall · Seasons

Golden Pumpkins

Finally, fall is here! That means it’s time to start the fall crafts…and nothing speaks to me more at fall then pumpkins! I was hauling in the ‘fall’ bins from the garage yesterday, and I noticed this sad little pumpkin…..


Doesn’t it look so sad 😦    so……..

I got out my box cutter and cut off the top. I then took a can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint….painted it….filled it up with flowers and ribbons….and here it is now….


Then I painted another with white chalk paint….then took a round pouncer and it came out like this…


Only another dozen to decorate….did I mention I love the fall!

Share your thoughts! If you’ve made some really creative pumpkins…..please send me a pic! I would love to see them! ….thank you for looking


Home · Home Improvements

Medicine Cabinet Fix

Do you have droopy shelves inside your medicine cabinet? I found a good fix for that.medicine-cabinet-fix-bathroom-ideas-organizing

Mine are made of plastic, and they droop something awful. I can’t put anything with weight on top of them.
Well I was adding contact paper to the inside back of my medicine cabinet. I was trying to think of a way of keeping them from drooping in the center. Then I got a idea….good ole paint sticks…the small ones. I took 4 paint sticks, one for each shelf. I wrapped it with the same contact paper I used on the back. I then hot glued them to the bottom of each shelf…it looks great…and is so nice to be able to put whatever I want on the shelves.
It’s hard to tell in the pic, but you don’t notice the paint sticks.
I sure hope this helps some of you…I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is being able to put anything in there now and not worry about the weight. It also looks pretty, and makes me smile….I love this…and again, paint sticks! Don’t you love them. So many uses.

I had some pretty contact paper that matched the bathroom colors….so…I put it up in the background


But I didn’t stop there…..I also added the paper to the inside door. I added some small magnets to hold little recipes for sore throat, etc. No more keeping it on the door of my pantry!


What a cute way to leave a ‘love you’ to your spouse!


Crafts · Fun & Easy DIY

Bud Vase

My mom gave me this bud vase over 30 years ago. I just realized that…long time! Anyway, I wanted to add some color to it. I had purchased these assorted size ‘ spouncers ‘
A while back ago and hadn’t used them yet.


These are the spouncers. I purchased these at Wamart for under $5. I love these things!


I picked out my colors…


Tip: Put your vase upside down when doing this. Since you don’t go up the whole vase, it’s easier this way.
I put some of the colors on a dish. I used the smallest spouncer for this project. I started with the turquoise. I dipped the spouncer in the color and dabbed on the vase


I went all around the vase with the turquoise. Each time….I dabbed in paint then on vase. When I was finished with the turquoise, I kept on going until I had used all the 5 colors. Do you see below how you can see through them?

Another Tip: any little mistakes can be cleaned easily with alcohol and a QTip

bud-vase-crafts-flowers (3).jpg

If you leave it like this, just one coat, it is really nice! You can see a bit through them. I decided I wanted to try it with second coat. I only had 3 of those little spouncers, so there was a lot of running back and forth cleaning, drying them. I have no orange in this house, but I wanted a pop of color.


I baked it upside down on a cookie sheet at 350degrees for 20 minutes…let cool, that’s it….What do you think of it?


As I was doing this little project….I was thinking…wouldn’t this be cute in big circles on the washer and dryer!

Thank you for looking! Come back soon!